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Crab, Lobster, Crayfish, Cuttlefish Pots & Potting Components

Below are a selection of the crab pots, lobster, cuttlefish and crayfish pots, together with associated components, that we manufacture and supply.

  Ready-made Fishing Pots Click on images to enlarge      

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Inkwell Shape Crab Pot

Inkwell shape with a top entry of 8" or 10" diameter. Sizes from 24" to 30" diameter, using 8mm or 10mm diameter steel bar. All steel is black plastic coated for durability. The black poly netting cover can be single or double thickness, and the pot can be supplied fully rubbered and roped, ready for use. We keep 26" diameter pots in stock as these are the most popular.

£52.00 (+VAT)   store

Creel-shape Lobster Pot

Comes with a top or side entry; fitted with a parlour if required. Sizes from 26" x 18" to 22" x 36". Plastic coated steel of 8mm or 10mm. Double or single netted, and fully rubbered and roped ready for use. The most popular size is 26" x 16" x 14" shown here.

£50.00 (+VAT)   store


Plastic Prawn Pots

Tubular shape with entry at both ends. Complete with bait tube. 70cm long x 40mm diameter.

£27.50 (+VAT)   store

Crayfish Pots

Our barrel-shaped crayfish pots are supplied in flat pack form for self-assembly.

Box of 20 £185.00 (+VAT)   store


Crayfish Pots (hinged)

Centre-hinged pot with bait box. Opens into two halves for easy access. Ready to fish; no assembly required. For freshwater crayfish. Not for marine use.


£10.00 (+VAT) per pot
£90.00 (+VAT) pack of 10


Whelk Pots

20 litre lay-down whelk pot. Supplied with or without concrete. 35cm x 25cm x 18cm


£7.00(+VAT) with concrete
£6.00 (+VAT) without concrete

Side Entry Crab Pot

Excellent commercial-grade crab pot. Features a soft eye entry. Bait bag included. 2 frame sizes available (24", 26").

£54.00 (+VAT)   store

  Potting Components                                              (Click on images to enlarge)
  Use button link to find product in our e-store   
100087 Plastic Pot Netting (per linear metre) £4.70 store
100088 10m Rope & Float for pot £9.00 store
100089 8" Pot Neck £2.65 store
100090 10" Pot Neck £2.75 store
100091 Pot Spinners £0.70 store
100092 Small Pot Hook £0.80 store
100093 Large Pot Hook £1.00 store
100094 Parlour Pot 26" Side-Entry No photo £44.00 store
100095 Pot Spinner (Small) £0.60 store

All prices exclude VAT   

  Pot Netting
100372 3mm Pot Netting 75mm Mesh 8-1/2" MD x 1000 ML £37.17 store
100373 4mm Pot Netting 75mm Mesh 8-1/2" MD x 1000 ML £48.83 store
100374 3mm Pot Netting 75mm Mesh 9-1/2" MD x 1000 ML £41.80 store
100375 4mm Pot Netting 75mm Mesh 9-1/2" MD x 1000 ML £52.63 store
100376 3mm Pot Netting 75mm Mesh 18-1/2" MD x 1000 ML £79.00 store
100377 3mm x 50mm x 25.1/2MD x 1000ML (20kg) £100.80 Call
100450 15/24 x 50mm x 25.1/2MD x 1000ML (18kg) £73.50 Call

All prices exclude VAT   



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