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Chandlery & Knives

We supply a variety of fishing chandlery, safety devices, net rigging accessories and storage, together with a selection of practical knives for the commercial fisherman.


  Chandlery                                                         (Click on images to enlarge)

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100191 White Dhan Float 64cm x 12 kilos £9.25 store
100192 3m Dhan Pole £4.50  
100193 4m Dhan Pole No Stock  
100194 2 Kilo Dhan Weight £14.00 store
100195 Nylon Flag (black or red) 50 x 70cm £2.25 store
100196 Ready-Made Dhan £48.00  
100197 Flashing Light with photocell £15.00 store
100198 Radar Reflectors £10..50 store
100199 Net Bins
Length 1m x width 75cm x height 55cm 
£84.00 store
100200 6-stone Fish Basket £10.75 store
100201 9" Net Needle £1.60 store
100202 10" Net Needle £1.70 store
100203 12" Net Needle £2.30 store
100204 6" Net Needle £0.80 store
100428 8" Net Needle £1.30 store

All prices exclude VAT   

  Knives                                                         (Click on images to enlarge)
100185 6" Boning Knife £10.40
100186 6" Filleting Knife £11.00
100187 10" Butchers Knife £10.20
100189 3" Repeat Gutting Knife Plastic Handle £8.46
100190 3" Repeat Gutting Knife Wooden Handle £6.96
100417 3" Loewen Gutting Knife £8.45
100425 10" Bait Knife £9.00
100426 Serrated Knife £4.20

All prices exclude VAT   


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