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Windbreak, garden netting & fine mesh

We offer a range of economical as well as heavy-duty wind break and screen nets for the gardener or horticulturalist.

These can provide delicate plants with protection from wind damage or be used to provide partial shade. These nets are also well suited to creating sight-screening solutions.

Many of these items are available in mini-rolls making them ideal for the home gardener or allotment grower.

Windbreak & garden netting

  High Strength Windbreak store

Extruded HDPE. Additional reinforced strand and UV additive for extra life. Rot-resistant.

Available in bulk rolls (50m lengths on request).

High strength windbreak mesh net

Roll W:1m x L:30m | Weight 300 g/m2 | Mesh: 15x5
Colour: green (per roll)
Roll W:2m x L:30m | Weight 300 g/m2 | Mesh: 15x5
Colour: green (per roll)

All prices exclude VAT   

  Medium-duty knitted wind break nets 50% Shading Factor  

Knitted windbreaks are extremely easy to erect giving immediate protection to plants, crops and gardens from wind rain and drifting snow.
  • HDPE knitted monofilament windbreak/shade mesh
  • UV stabilised for longer life
  • Chemical and rot resistant
  • Permeable to allow water and air to circulate

Knitted windbreak mesh net

  Roll W:1.5m x L:50m (per roll)
  Roll W:2m x L:50m (per roll)
  3m (folded) X 50m

All prices exclude VAT   

  Close Mesh Netting 

This netting can be fitted with brass eyelets for easy installation. Uses include Windbreak Nets, Sightscreen Nets, Shade Nets. Available in Black, White or Green.

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  Per m2

All prices exclude VAT   

  Heavy Duty Windbreak Nets 

The 6111 is our most popular windbreak, providing an attractive look whilst still being one of the heaviest windbreaks we supply.
  • Extruded HDPE with UV additive for extended life
  • Available in bulk rolls only (50m lengths on request)
  • Functional windbreak used in gardens, nurseries and for agricultural fields
  • Protection for animals, gardens and crops from wind, rain and snow
  • Use straining wires to install windbreaks to keep fences taut
  • Rot resistant

Heavy duty windbreak mesh net

  [6111/100 Heavy Duty]
Roll W:1m x L:30m | Weight 425 g/m2 | Mesh: 8x10
Colour: black (per roll)
  [6111/200 Heavy Duty]
Roll W:2m x L:30m | Weight 425 g/m2 | Mesh: 4x4
Colour: black (per roll)

All prices exclude VAT   


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