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Self-Assembly Golf Practice Nets & Golf Simulator Netting

Our golf practice nets are made for quick, easy self-assembly. They are designed to be free-standing so that they are simple to move around and eliminate the need for any concrete. If you are not confident about installing them yourself we will be happy to provide a quotation for installation on site.

The heavy-duty mesh used in our golf practice net kits is designed to withstand heavy, regular use at golf clubs and golf driving ranges. The mesh is 25mm square and made from green knotless polypropylene.

The popular dimensions for these golf practice nets are 3m high x 3m wide x 3m long with double thickness netting at the back. The frames are constructed of either 42.4mm galvanized tube, suitable for heavy use at golf clubs or exposed windy areas, or 33.7mm diameter galvanized tube suitable for home use in the garden.

Our golf practice nets can be supplied as a single bay or a double bay. The net can be supplied in single panels at £2.40 per square metre + VAT

Please contact us if you have any further questions or if you wish to purchase any of our self-assembly golf practice net kits.

If the golf practice or driving range netting solution you are looking for is not featured on our web site please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements. 

This product is not currently available via our online store - please call

Golf practice net kit for home garden
Our self-assembly golf practice nets
 Heavyweight frame Net only Net + frame
 Single Bay £168 £410
 Double Bay £325 £711
 Lightweight frame    
 Single Bay £168 £365
 Double Bay £325 £647
All prices exclude VAT

Single panel golf practice nets
3m x 3m of our heavy duty golf netting ready-mounted onto 33.7mm diameter galvanized steel poles with ground sockets. Simply dig two small holes in the ground, insert the bottom of the poles and attach the guy ropes. Simple installation for golfers with limited garden space.

 £180.00 + VAT

Golf Simulator Nets

We can also supply and fit netting for in-store Golf Simulators.

These incorporate an archery net panel for the projector screen. This can be made so that it slides back like a curtain, maximising shop floor space in fitting studios.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Golf simulator net

Golf simulator net Golf simulator projection nets



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