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Sports & golf net FAQs

Here we address some of the most common questions relating to our sports netting and golf net products. If you have a question that is not covered here please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Can we install the netting ourselves?
Yes you can, for low installations this is possible if you are confident to do this. For any high installations (3 metres and above) we advise that we do the installations for you, as heavy plant equipment is needed for access, and we have the experience necessary for carrying out such jobs.

How durable is the netting?
With proper maintenance the netting will last approximately 10 years.

How high does my net need to be?
If the netting is alongside a road, footpath, car park or anywhere where there is a lot of pedestrian or car traffic it is advisable to have the fencing as high as possible to avoid the risk of any accident as the result of a stray golf ball.

However, this is a matter of opinion and does depend on funds available. We will be able to advise you further if you require a site visit.

What is the best type of netting to use?
For low installations and for areas of high impact it is best to use a heavy duty netting such as our 2.3mm x 25mm. This is commonly used for golf practice nets.

For installations up to 5 metres high and areas of high impact you can use our green 28mm polyethylene golf netting. This is very durable and can withstand high winds, a common problem on open golf courses.

Where a high installation is required, the best type of netting to use is our 28mm black polyethylene netting. This has a slightly smaller twine size than our green netting so is lighter weight and offers minimal wind resistance.

Where have Coastal Nets worked before?
Listed below are some of the installations that we have carried out in the past:

Golf Clubs
World of Golf at Sidcup, Beverley Park and Gravesend
Sunningdale Golf Club, Berkshire
La Manga Golf Course, Spain
Brickhampton Court Golf Course, Gloucestershire
Rungsted Golf Club, Denmark
American Golf at Ruxley Park
Central London Golf Centre
Oakland Park, Chalfont St Giles
The Park Driving Range, Slough
Calcot Park, Berkshire
Croydon Golf Driving Range
Hambrook Golf Driving Range, Bristol
Les Ormes Golf & Leisure Club, Jersey
Worcester Golf Driving Range

Other Installations
Big Brother (we installed netting over the garden)
Chessington World of Adventures
Liverpool Football Club
Barnsley Football Club
Kickers Indoor Sports Hall, Eastleigh


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