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Grass & ground reinforcement mesh

Changes in the British climate have brought a higher demand for environmentally-friendly solutions, particularly in establishing a sustainable green environment in which to live. Keeping areas natural and green is vitally important, and grass reinforcement mesh provides a great alternative to tarmac or concrete. These meshes provide robust ground support and reinforcement where vehicles are parked or where there is high pedestrian footfall.

Coastal Nets offer a wide range of ground reinforcement products, with solutions for almost any situation. Our experience as a leading supplier of these products in the UK will ensure that you will get the best product to meet for your specific needs, and of course at the best possible price. Products are available for animal, pedestrian and vehicle use applications.

Details of the product range are outlined below. If you need any further information regarding any of these products please get in touch with us via E-mail or phone.


   Standard Ground Reinforcement Mesh store
Standard grass and ground reinforcement mesh
6323 - Standard Ground Reinforcement Mesh 460 g/m²
  • Pathways
  • Wheelchair access
  • Anti-ball plugging mesh
  • Stabilisation of play mat
  • Embankment reinforcement
  • Prevents dogs from digging
Load bearing per m²: 1 tonne

25mm x 25mm Mesh
  • New or old turf
  • Soil to be seeded
  • Minimum site preparation required
  • Steel U-Pins 

1m x 10m Green £40.00 + VAT
2m x 10m Green £70.00 + VAT
2m x 30m Black £140.00 + VAT

   Premium Ground Reinforcement Mesh
Premium grass and ground reinforcement mesh
6322 - Premium Ground Reinforcement Mesh 650 g/m²
  • Overflow car parks
  • Heavy pedestrian traffic
  • Lawn reinforcement

Load bearing per m²: 2 tonne

25mm x 25mm Mesh
  • New or old turf
  • Soil to be seeded
  • Minimum site preparation required
  • Steel U-Pins 

2m x 30m Black £182.00 + VAT

   Heavy Duty Gound Reinforcement Mesh
Heavy Duty Grass Reinforcement Mesh
5162 - Heavy Duty Grass Reinforcement Mesh 1250 g/m²
  • Parking for cars & vans
  • Farm gateways
  • Horse paths
  • Driveways
  Load bearing per m²: 8 tonne

15mm x 15mm Mesh
10mm Thick
  • New or old turf
  • Soil to be seeded
  • Minimum site preparation required
  • Steel U-Pins 

2m x 30m £425.00 + VAT

   Flexipave Ground Reinforcement Mesh
Flexipave ground reinforcement mesh
Flexipave Ground Reinforcement Mesh

  • Parking areas & Drive ways
  • Access for emergency vehicles
  • Driveways & bridleways
  • Farm gateways
  • Green roof & rooftop gardens
  • Construction sites
   Load per m²: up to 250 tonne

Grid Area  330mm x 330mm 40mm
Wall Thickness 4mm
No. Tiles per m² 9
M² per Pallet 55.55m²

  • A sub base of soil/sand and a layer of road stone are required. Must be installed on secure ground.
  • Can be cut to size
  • Non slip and crack proof
  • Natural Drainage
  • Prevents gravel migration
  • Fill with gravel, stone, earth or sand
  • To ensure optimum drainage a leyer of crushed stone should be installed

Price per pallet of 504 Tiles 

£1,060.00 + VAT

   Steel U pins for installion of  Reinforcement Mesh
Flexiweb ground reinforcement mesh 7mm steel U-Pins are required to secure the range of grass meshes to the ground.

100 required per 2m x 30m roll

£37.00 + VAT per 100


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